Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender

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BLUERAIN said...

wow she looks like a lot of characters in avatar. proof that the casting is horrible. I'm not bashing the movie i think it will be interesting at best, but it won't be the avatar we know

Anonymous said...

Hey. I've seen no reference to Toph even being in the movie. I'm thinking they're hoping to make this a series of films, kind of like the series is set up. This looks more like someone doing cosplay (look at the people around her...looks like a convention of some sort, maybe ComicCon). Though the outfit doesn't match, the fans are more indicative of the Kyoshi Warriors than any other characters from the series. It also, I suppose, could be Toph in her "house clothing", such as she worse when Aang was first trying to get her to teach him. But I doubt this is from the movie in any way.

Anonymous said...

My bad, apparently Toph did dress like that, at least according to this: http://avatar.wikia.com/wiki/Fashion_in_the_World_of_Avatar
I still don't think that the pic up there has anything to do with the movie, though.

TheLastAirBenderMovie said...

Toph isn't going to be in the movie because this is just the first book in the Triligy and there is no Asians in the movie, it is after all an American cartoon and most of the people in it are Eskimo and Native American. The only one even close to an Asian in Avatar is Uncle Iroh. It may seem Asian but it is not even close. Toph is in the second book and she would be 12 just like most of the kids. Apa and Momo will be in the first book aswell.

If you have any other questions go to: www.thelastairbendermovie.com

For casting you have to go to IMDB.com for a full list.

The movie is not rated yet but will most likely be PG-13 for the battle sequences.


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